Welcome to PiggyDocs!

PiggyDocs is a site documenting the configuration, usage, and API of DaPigGuy's plugins.

PiggyDocs currently has documentation for the following plugins:


You can download the plugins pre-compiled via Poggit-CI or directly from GitHub.
The download buttons above downloads the latest RELEASED version on Poggit-CI.

It is highly recommended to download pre-compiled phars from Poggit-CI instead of GitHub since most of our plugins use virions which are injected by Poggit-CI when they are built. If you still wish to compile your own, then check out DEVirion and VirionTools.


    If you require assistance with configuring the plugin or using our API, feel free to join our discord server.

    After joining, you will want to head over to #bots and give yourself the Minecraft rank by typing in t!selfroles get Minecraft. You will now have access to the Minecraft category of our discord server.

    If you need help configuring the plugin, then head over to #plugin-support after recieving your rank.
    If you need help with our API, then head over to #plugin-development after recieving your rank.