PiggyCustomEnchantShop's documentation page includes the configuration documentation.

  • Information

    PiggyCustomEnchantsShop is an addon for PiggyCustomEnchants, which adds an enchant shop utilizing signs and forms to purchase enchantment.

  • Default Configuration


    Index Explanation
    shop-type Choose whether to use sign shop, or UI shop (forms).

    Accepted values: sign, ui
    double-tap Choose whether or not to require double clicking to confirm purchase (sign shop only).

    Accepted values: true, false

    Setting up a Sign Shop

    • Make sure you have shop-type set to sign in config.yml.
    • Place a sign and replace as necessary:
      PiggyCustomEnchantsShop Sign Layout

    Setting up a Forms Shop (UI)

    • Make sure you have shop-type set to ui in config.yml.
    • Use the command¬†/ceshop add <enchant> <level> <price>.