PiggyBackpacks's documentation page includes the configuration documentation.

  • Information

    PiggyBackpacks adds backpacks (portable chests) to your server with custom bag recipes and varying sizes.

  • Default Configuration

    Slightly modified to conserve page space.


    Key Index Explanation
    size [bag_type] Set inventory size of a specific bag type, maximum of 54.

    Accepted values: bag type, inventory space

    Crafting Explanation

    You can simply add more by copying and pasting the previous one, but be sure to change the type name and crafting recipe.

    Key Index Data Explanation
    crafting bag_type meta Set damage value of backpack

    Accepted values: integer value
    shape Shape is representative by a 3x3 crafting menu; the letters are materials defined in the next section.

    Accepted values: three items holding three characters respectively.
    [materials] Defines which character represents which item, and how many are required.

    Accepted values: character => item id, item meta, item count